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ToyBox Consulting was founded in 2008 by Katoya Palmer when she began freelancing advertising management skills. In 2012, services expanded and began serving non profits and small business leaders of color in restaurant, professional sports, retail, and entertainment businesses. A la Cart services included: celebrity booking, event management, public relations management, website content production, community management via social media, search engine optimization, marketing/advertising management, and general business management. 

ToyBox Consulting and Management is relaunching in 2020 with a new and improved set of operations oriented consulting options serving the virtual workplace:

  • Project Management

  • Aquatics facility and program management

  • Leadership development and training

  • Diversity equity and inclusion 

  • Virtual event planning

  • Strategic planning

  • Agile influenced change management 

  • Grant writing

  • Budgeting

  • Employee Engagement

  • Recruiting and on boarding


Certifications and special achievements held include:

  • Comp-Tia Project+ PMBOK IT Project Management

  • YMCA of  the USA

    • Global Leadership​

    • World Y Change Agent

    • Lifeguard Instructor Class Trainer

    • CPR/First Aid/Oxygen Class instructor trainer

    • Cultural Competencies Trainer

    • Diversity Conference Workshop presenter

    • Drowning Prevention Thought Leader

    • Swim Instructor Trainer

  • National Swimming Pool Foundation​

    • Certified Pool and Spa Operator​

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Our Team

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Katoya Palmer (pronoun: she/her) Owner | Phone: 206-251-2858

Katoya began her career as an Account Executive at a Fortune 200 real estate finance company almost 20 years ago.  There she established a passion for educating clients, learning enterprise systems, policy and compliance, and managing teams.


ToyBox Consulting was established during a time when she was committed to caring for her special needs child and couldn't commit to a job with a steady 9 to 5 schedule.  After establishing a name in Seattle's entrepreneurial community through event planning and strategic partnerships, she decided to complete her Marketing Management degree in hopes of posturing ToyBox for the next level. 


She later began working with Seattle Schools as a math tutor through a college work study program while  at Western Governors University. During that time she became involved with the PTA and was elected Vice President at Madrona K-8. Additionally she served as a class facilitator, basketball coach, and eventually became a substitute Special Education Assistant residing at Stevens Elementary. 


In 2016 she began working at the YMCA of Greater Seattle's Meredith Mathews branch where she is currently  staffed as a Senior Director with a specialty area in Aquatics.  She is a World YMCA change agent, YMCA of the USA Network Partner serving as a Drowning Prevention Thought Leader, Y Local and National diversity course instructor/workshop facilitator, and YMCA of Greater Seattle African American employee resource network co chair.  During her tenure as an African American Resource Network Co Chair she was a co-creator of Healthfulness.   


She coaches swim team at Garfield High School in Seattle's historical Central District where she also plans to begin fundraising for a Water Polo Club when athletics resume. 


She is currently a WGU Alumni Advisory Board member and works with fundraising and equity committees at  Association of Washington Student Leaders.  She is an alumni of their teen leadership camp Mt Adams at Cispus Learning Center where she was a Participant then Jr.  Counselor a teen.  She plans to continue serving as a  Sr. Counselor when camps resume. 


Katoya is an activist and community advocate passionate about ending systemic racism in all communities through building shared languages, reexamining policies, and creating systems of accountability.  Her additional social justice efforts are committed to  education and housing reform due to her experiences with public school and housing systems.


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